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... the only automatic transmission specialists you need to know ...

Established in 1968

We specialise!

In the service and repair of automatic transmissions.

All makes and models

Mechanical Repairs


General repairs and servicing such as:

  • Rwc / safety inspections
  • Log book serving 
  • Tune ups
  • Oil change and grease
  • Timing belts 
  • Safety check  B 4 U GO Traveller 61 point
  • Safety checks 156 point

We will also continue to specialise in Automatic transmissions:

  • Servicing 
  • Repairs 
  • Overhauls 
  • Exchange units 
  • Exchange torque converters 
  • Diagnosing the Problem 

Diagnosing and repairing your vehicle is our top priority. In order to do that, however, we need to identify the cause of your problem. That is why our diagnostic procedure includes a few simple questions and a road test. The purpose of the road test is to duplicate and verify the problem while evaluating the overall condition of the automatic transmission.

If it is stuck in 3rd gear (limp home mode or fail safe) we may have to place a Scanner on your vehicle and extract a code. We may have to clear the codes and retest your vehicle till the fault re-appears to be positive we have the right code to the fault.

Electronic Diagnostic Scanning

All modern vehicles come standard with an on-board ECU diagnostics plug. At Aspley Automatics we have all the latest electronic diagnostic scanning equipment to draw information from your car’s on board computer. This allows us to identify any faults that make your check light turn on your dash so we can make the necessary repairs or do some fine-tuning.

Electronic Diagnostic Scanning

Our scanning equipment enables us to run comprehensive tests

  • Access on-board diagnostic data for more than 40 different car manufacturers, using the latest open diagnostic technology. 
  • Perform actuator, multimeter voltage and scope tests. 
  • Display diagnosis and sensor status. 
  • Isolate faults by testing the transmission separately from the transmission computer. 
  • Monitor computer signals to the auto transmission. 
  • Test wiring harnesses, solenoids, force motors and sensors. 
  • Simulate actual road conditions to test the valve body of the transmission. 
  • Hydraulically check oil pressure in all circuits, e.g. clutch packs and bands. 
  • Identify faults in sub-systems – not only in the auto trans but also in the engine, SRS and ABS.

Located at

19 Webster Rd
Stafford, Brisbane, 4053
Phone: 07 3356 9023
Fax: 07 3356 7847

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday
7.00am - 5.00pm
7.00am - 3.45pm

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