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Have you had your Automatic Transmission checked lately? The cost of servicing your automatic transmission is far less than repairing a transmission that is driven until it fails to operate correctly.

The automatic transmission is the most complex mechanical component in your vehicle. It is directly connected to the engine as well as the computer control systems. These systems combine to form the power train. It is recommended that your transmission is serviced every 12 months or 20,000 km.

Things that can go wrong with all automatic transmissions

Oil leaks

If a transmission has an oil leak, low oil level can cause slippage on the clutch application. As the transmission oil gets overheated, electrical components may also fail due to over heating, burning out your transmission.

Transmission cooler

Transmission Coolers

90% of all transmission failures are caused by over heating! To help stop your transmission from premature failure, ask Aspley Automatics to install a transmission cooler. You will achieve:

  • Much longer life for transmission oil and transmission parts
  • Reduce heat load on the radiator so the engine runs cooler and with much more efficiently
  • Lower heat in towing conditions
  • Less chance on burning out your transmission



The radiator has a separate section for the transmission oil to be cooled. If there is slow oil flow due to the cooler failing, the various transmission parts - such as clutches, bands and bushes - will not be lubricated.

This will cause the transmission to burn out, therefore it is very important that the oil flow is at full capacity. Not changing or flushing out the radiator on a regular basis or electrolysis can cause water to leak into the cooling side of the transmission.

Oil mixed with water will discolour to a strawberry milk shake colour. A transmission which is contaminated with water will not work well, it will slip and the filter will eventually block up.

Filter blockage

If a transmission has not been serviced for a long time the filter can clog up with material from normal wear and tear, which will cause the transmission to starve of oil. This will result in the loss of "drive" and "reverse" or slippage.


Bands lock a spinning component called a drum, which is similar to the motion of applying brakes to stop a car. Most transmissions have 1 or 3 bands which can wear, stretch or break over time.

Harsh driving can cause a band to break, resulting in losing one or more gears. A worn band will cause a long drawn out shift, which is known as a flair shift.

Electrical Components

Solenoids are used for "on" and "off" motions, they allow oil to pass through and to cease oil flow. Pressure control solenoids control the oil pressure. Pressure solenoids can become contaminated and start to stick, which causes high pressure and very firm shifts.

Pulse Generators and Transducers

These count the turns of a spinning component and send a message to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) computer. Pulse generators are powered by a magnetic field which can be contaminated by foreign metal particles.

When this occurs the pulse generator sends the wrong messages to the ECU, which leads to the transmission only operating in 3rd gear. A fault within the ECU can also cause the transmission to only operate in 3rd gear.

Other Electrical Components

There are many more electrical components such as:

The engine light comes on when it detects an electrical fault in the transmission or engine. This can cause a fault code which will cause the transmission to only operate in 3rd gear.

The T-bar or column shifters are very sensitive and if they are not aligned correctly, they can send the wrong message to the ECU, which will in turn also cause problems in the transmission.

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